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eBooks in the Public Domain

The Wisconsin Digital Library also has ePub ebooks that are in the public domain and are always available.

Open EPUB and Open PDF eBooks can be borrowed and downloaded to a computer or mobile device. From there, you can enjoy these eBooks with your favorite program or app, such as Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on a computer, or OverDrive's app on a mobile device (for EPUBs).

These eBooks are for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and
with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy them, give them away or re-use them under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with these eBooks or online at www.gutenberg.org.

What you need to know about

Your library account

You will need to enter your library card number and name.  Your library account needs to be up-to-date and your fines must be below $10.00 to check out ebooks.

How does it work?

Freading always has content available and works on a weekly limit of three books per week.

Unused book loans roll over each week for a four week period, a week being defined as a Monday to Sunday period of seven days, beginning at 12:01AM Monday, New York time, and going to midnight on Sunday.  At the end of the fourth week from the time you first logged in, unused loans are cleaned out of your account, except for your original weekly allotment.  The rolling over process then starts all over again, as a new four week cycle has begun.

What you need to know about Wisconsin's Digital Library

OverDrive Help

Tutorials on using OverDrive.

We are part of the Indianhead Federated Library System

The River Falls Public Library and all other MORE libraries are part of the Indianhead Federated Library System.  When checking out digital materials through Overdrive or the Wisconsin Digital Library, select the Indianhead Federated Library System for your library system.

Your library account

You will also need to enter your library card number.  Your library account needs to be up-to-date and your fines must be below $10.00 to check out ebooks.

Check out library ebooks on your Kindle

The Wisconsin Digital Library has ebooks to check out and use on your personal Kindle device.  You can either use your Amazon account or install the Overdrive App.

Use your Amazon account
After you check out an ebook as a Kindle format ebook, it will be delivered to your Kindle via your Amazon account or you can download the ebook file and transfer the file to your Kindle. All of the newer Kindle (Fire, Touch, keyboard, etc) models are supported.  You will need your Amazon account user name, generally your personal email, and your Amazon password.  

OverDrive app for Kindle Fire
Install the free OverDrive app and create an OverDrive account to check out e-Pub format ebooks on your Kindle Fire.  The OverDrive app is only available for Kindle Fire tablets.

Check Out Library ebooks on All Other Devices

Read in your browser with OverDrive Read
Many ebook titles in the Wisconsin Digital Library can be read using your web browser using OverDrive Read.  It works just like any eBook reading app, except you don’t need to activate or install extra software.  For the best user experience, the Google Chrome browser is recommended for OverDrive Read.

OverDrive apps and software
Books in the ePub and PDF format are compatible with most portable devices such as Sony eReaders, the Barnes & Noble Nook, the iPad, iPhone, the iPod Touch, and Android devices.

The OverDrive app for portable devices and Adobe Digital Editions software for your computer are used to check out and read ePub and PDF ebooks.

OverDrive app for devices
If you have a Kindle Fire tablet, an Android device, Nook tablet device, or an Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, the Overdrive app is available for your device.  The OverDrive app manages the use of ebooks and digital audio books on your device.  You will need to create an OverDrive account to use the OverDrive app.

Adobe Digital Editions for computers
Adobe Digital Editions is a digital book software that manages the use of the ebooks with your computer to transfer ebooks to your compatible ebook devices when you check out ebooks through the Wisconsin Digital Library website.  It will allow you to transfer ebooks from your computer to a device that does not have the OverDrive App.

After you install Adobe Digital Editions and create your ID, you can check out ebooks to read on your computer.  You can then transfer ebooks to your portable device such as a Sony eReader or the Barnes & Noble Nook.

Digital audio books & videos

There are thousands of digital audio books and hundreds of
music and videos files available to check out through the Wisconsin Digital
Library.  You will need to download and install the OverDrive Media Console software or app to use these digital resources.


Always available ebooks from the library

Public Domain Ebooks

Always available free ebooks in the public domain


Instructions for the Wisconsin Digital Library from Overdrive

WI Digital Library

Download ebooks & audiobooks to your computer or device

Digital Downloads

The library has digital downloads for you

The Wisconsin Digital Library provides you with thousands of ebooks and digital audio books, along with streaming video and Overdrive music.
Freading has always available ebooks with a limit of three books per week.