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How to Download an Audiobook from Wisconsin's Digital Library onto your Windows PC Computer

1) On the MORE online catalog (http://www.more.lib.wi.us), click on the (renamed and redesigned) Wisconsin's Digital Library link (http://dbooks.wplc.info)

Link from MORE catalog


2) Sign in using your MORE library card.

Wisconsin's Digital Library - Sign In


3) To sign in, type your library's name or your library system and select it from the list.  In this example, Indianhead Federated Library System.

Type in your library name


4) Enter your entire library card number (without any spaces)and then click on Sign In.
(You must have an up-to-date MORE library card with less than $10.00 in fines to check-out.  If you do not have a library card, go to your local Wisconsin public library to sign-up for a card.  To find your local IFLS library, go to http://www.ifls.lib.wi.us/Default.aspx?tabid=150 or to find your closest local Wisconsin library go to http://dpi.wi.gov/pld/wisysdir.html#public.)

Enter your library card number


5) You will be in your account after signing in.
Click on Setting to select your default lending options.

My Account - Settings


6) Click on Menu to find audiobooks to check out.  In this example, Nonfiction is selected.

Nonfiction audiobooks


7) Below is a list of nonfiction audiobooks.  Books can be displayed by cover, grid or list.   Covers with a grayed out headphones icon in the upper right corner do not have an available copy to check out.

Unavailable titles


8) To find an available title, select Only titles with copies available from the pull-down menu.

Limit to titles available


9) Below is an example of audiobooks that are currently available.  Click on the cover to borrow or find out more information.

Available titles


10) When you find an audiobook that is available that you want to checkout and download, click on Borrow.  Note the Available formats.

Click on Borrow


11) Click on Download and then select your format.  Make sure to verify that you have selected the correct file format, WMA or MP3.  Both are shown the the example below.


Download - select format

Download - WMA format

Download - MP3 format

12) After you click on Download with the selected format, OverDrive MediaConsole will open.  Click on OK.
You will need to download and install OverDrive Media Console before your download your audiobooks.  Click here for instructions.

Open with OverDrive


13) The OverDrive Media Console program will open.  Click on OK.

Get Media - Click on OK


14) Click on OK again.

Click on OK to download


15) The parts of the audiobook will begin to download.
Depending on your connection speed and the number of parts to the audiobook, it can take a long time to download.  Please be patient and wait for the entire audiobook to download. You will see the progress of the download toward the bottom of the OverDrive program.

Downloading audiobook


16) The download is complete.  Click on Play to listen to the audiobook on your computer.

Click on Play


17) The audiobook is now playing on your computer.

Audiobook is playing

If you are on a shared computer, Sign Out of the Wisconsin's Digital Library web site when you are done.

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