River Falls Public Library


140 Union St, River Falls WI 54022
M-Th 10am-8pm, Fr 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-2pm

Print - Copy - Fax


You can print in black & white or color from any public use computer.  There are three black & white printers throughout the library and color prints are sent to our multi-purpose copy machine.

  • Black & white prints are $.10 per page or side.
  • Color prints are $.50 per page or side.

With permission from the library staff, you may use your own paper.  You will still need to pay for your prints.

Please read our Computer Use Policy before using our computers.

Documents on a flash drive can be printed by the library staff at the Reference Desk.  We can print most Microsoft Office files, OpenOffice files and PDF documents.

Print from Anywhere

You can send print jobs to the library copy machine from anywhere - from home, work or in the library.

From your computer or mobile device, send or forward emails with attachments to print@ricohprintcloud.com

You will get an email with your print code.  Your print job will remain confidential until you print it out.  The code expires in 1 week.

  • Black & white prints are $.10 per page or side.
  • Color prints are $.50 per page or side.


Use our copy machine to make copies.  The copy machine accepts coins and dollar bills. No credit cards.

  • Black & white copies are $.10 per page or side.
  • Color copies are $.50 per page or side.

Our copy machine does not make photo quality copies.  If you need photo prints, use on an online service or a local print center.


Faxing is $.50 per page.  Stop at the Circulation Desk and a staff person will send the fax for you.

You can also send faxes at Family Fresh Grovery Store, Holiday Gas Station, or Kwik Trip gas stations in River Falls. 

  • Family Fresh Grocery Store
    303 S Main St
    $1.00 first page, $.50 each additional page
  • Holiday Gas Station
    302 S Main St
    $2.00 first page, $1.00 each additional page
  • Kwik Trip Gas Station
    1238 N Main St
    1200 S Main St
    $1.04 per page ​


Our copy machine will scan to your personal USB flash drive or to an email address.  The copy machine does not scan to portable hard drives or send faxes. 

The library also has two public computers with flat-bed scanners.  Scanning is always free.