Building open
Monday - Thursday from 10am - 8pm Friday from 10am - 6pm
Saturday from 10am - 2pm

River Falls Public Library


Computer and Printer

There are two laptops with a printer available in the foyer on the Union Street side available Monday  - Thursday from 10am - 8pm*, Friday from 10am - 6pm, and Saturday from 10am - 2pm.  Please wear a mask and limit your time to 30 minutes.

Pay for prints when the library is open.  One of the printers has a scanner.  Restart the computer to delete any documents you saved on the computer.
(*may close early due to severe weather)


Free wifi 24/7 outside of the library in the parking lot and along Union Street.

Wifi Hotspots to checkout

Reserve a hotspot to check out for two weeks.


Reserve a Chromebook to checkout for two weeks.


Check out a Kindle with other 300 titles preloaded.

To Use in the Library

If you need help with library technology, please ask for help at the Reference Desk.


The library has free wifi to use with your device or computer.  Please read our Wifi Policy before using our wifi network.


The library has seventeen Windows computers and two Macs for public use in our computer room.  There are two computers with scanners in our Young Adult area.  There is one Accessibility computer with adaptive technology that is reserved for users with cognitive and physical disabilities in the main area of the library.

The computers have internet access and Microsoft Office.  You may not alter, delete or copy any software loaded on the laptop or otherwise change the existing configuration.  You may not install downloaded software or use your own software on library computers.

All of the computers can print to either a black and white or color printer.  Black and white prints are $.10 per page or side and color prints are $.50 per page or side.  With permission from the library staff, you may use your own paper.  You will still need to pay for your prints.

To use the computers, your library card must be up-to-date. If you are an out-of-state resident, you can use a guest pass.  Wisconsin residents need to have a library card to use the computers.  Please read our Computer Use Policy before using our computers.

Digital Scanning

The two public computers in the Young Adult Area have flat bed scanners and the copy machine also works as a scanner which saves files to USB flash drives or you can scan to an email address.  Scanning is free.


Laptops can be checked out at the Reference Desk and are first come, first served.  Please read the Laptop Policy before checking out a laptop.

Borrowers may not install software on the machines.  Borrowers may not alter, delete or copy any software loaded on the laptop or otherwise change its existing configuration.  Users must have a valid library card and users under 18 must have a signed permission slip to check out.  Laptops must stay in the library.

Meeting Room Equipment

The library has InFocus LCD projectors, a TV, and a DVD/VCR player for use in the meeting rooms.  Reserve equipment to use in the meeting rooms by calling the library at 715-425-0905.


The library has the following devices for use in the library:

2 Apple iPad minis & 2 Apple iPads for use by young children  in Children’s room

Patrons may not download any apps, software, or make any changes to the devices while using them. All devices are connected to a library account and that account may only be accessed by library staff. You will not be able to purchase books, movies, in-app upgrades or subscriptions, or any other additions to the device.

Do not log into any device using your personal information (for example, your Apple ID, email address, facebook login, etc.)  The library is not responsible for any loss or misuse suffered by patrons who use personal information on any library devices.

Equipment to Check-out of the Library

The library has Kindle e-Ink Readers, Wifi Hotspots, Chromebooks and other equipment which can be checked out for use outside of the library.


140 Union St, River Falls WI 54022
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